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arvixe_blueHave You Used arvixe Web Hosting Services For Your Website?

Recently, I started using the web hosting services of a comparatively less known company, arvixe Web hosting. Now you would want to know why I took the risk of bestowing my website with a not so known hosting firm. The reason is pretty simple that I needed to try services of a company to find out if it is up to the mark and I can of course save some money by doing so.

My take on arvixe web hosting services


The firm offers unlimited transfer of data and hosting space, where bandwidth is excellent. I can host at least 6 domains together in one plan or I may choose to have unlimited domains hosted under its premium plans. The best of all is when you pay for a hosting package and you get to choose from it fabulous offer of one domain registration for free, which is for life time validity. There is a guarantee of 99.99% up time. While the refund in 60 days is the protective charm that it offers to its clients, just in case they decide to move on.

Customer service

Any business or business operation need to have a sound customer service, which is actually their backbone. I am glad that the response time of arvixe web hosting is within few minutes and they sort out the matter almost immediately. Unless it is not about you uploading excessively large file on the server because of which your entire site is running slow. In case your site ever gets hacked, it will be retrieved by this firm as soon as you inform them. Their 24/7 services are always ready to listen and deliver the solution.

My experience

Unless you really don’t want to get out of your comfort zone and take advantage of something new, you shouldn’t try arvixe web hosting. Though, my experience with them has been very satisfying and very soon I shall put up all my websites with their hosting services.




Hostgator Web Hosting


hostgator-coupon-codesIs HostGator Really A Good Web Hosting Firm?

That is the question a lot of people has asked me, because I use it to host my websites. Hence, I thought to put in a little bit of my own review for everyone who follows me. So here is my take on the good and bad of this web hosting service.

Customer service

The client services of HostGator are exceptional, when you can get in touch with them instantly over phone, through email or live chat. They would respond instantly and the problems would be resolved immediately or else they would tell you how long it would take. Usually it doesn’t take more than couple of minutes.

File backups

This has been the most significant service that I have received from HostGator. All the files that I upload and the content that is hosted on its servers are automatically backed up. The entire backup is for free, so if your site gets hacked or ruined, the experts at HostGator would restore it all on your request. However, I would recommend that you prepare a manual backup as well. That will give you the extra edge on content security.


The hosting rates start from $4 a month, which is still pretty cheap in comparison to other web hosting companies, who don’t give many facilities with the same or more rate. You may also find cheaper rates of hosting, but the probability of your site being crashed there would be higher in comparison to HostGator.

Blog and WordPress

I primarily got it for my blogging that I do on wordpress. However, I must tell you that if you create and upload too big of a blog and install many pluging os WordPress, then you will have problems. So try to avoid doing that.

In Conclusion

HostGator is exceptionally good, provided you buy a plan that will match your need. Don’t get a low space plan to host a big site and later complain of the inefficiency. That’s just your fault in choosing the best kind of web hosting plan.



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