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April 24, 2014
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April 24, 2014

small-hide-my-assWhy Should You Make An Investment In HideMyAss VPN?

 Using VPN (Virtual Private Network) is quickly becoming the preference of several people who play and work online. There are many excellent reasons for this popularity. Nowadays Internet security issue is must for all, but the regular packages of anti-virus and all are not sufficient. However, a VPN service is a lot more than this. HideMyAss VPN is the top-quality, most selling package of VPN which covers all these bases. Below are given description of the features and other related thng of this affordable and essential system.


Countless diverse VPN options are there in the market. But HideMyAss is the most worthy suggestion as it provides broad range of facets which are tough to beat in terms of price and is the tried, experienced and completely developed package. Some of these key facets are given below:

  • Dynamic IP Address

Whenever you make use of HideMyAss VPN, then you are given a new IP address which means, you possess a fresh identity every time. There are a large number of the IP addresses obtainable and the users are not issued the one which is presently in effect with the other. Numerous VPN providers provide only one fixed IP address, however HideMyAss declares of having the most unspecified addresses. So, it offers better security.

  • Four Diverse Protocols

In business, HideMyAss VPN uses 4 most broadly used and also safe encryption protocols namely, OpenVPN-UDP, L2TP, OpenVPN-TCP and PPTP, letting for the tightest security.

  • Massive Option of Servers

With around 485 servers which are operating in about 62 countries all over the globe, HideMyAss provides an exceptional option of virtual spots. There are approximately 250 servers in USA, more or less 60 servers in UK, and countless in the other countries of European such as France, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Spain etc. Servers are located also in India, South Korea, Thailand and Japan and also in Australia. There are also servers in numerous countries of South America.

Among the above significant facilities of HideMyAss VPN, one major facility is that it is also providing limitless web surfing facility. Another important facility is that it is giving the facility to connect the internet in just one click. By this, we are getting an easy and also speedy internet connection.

Limitless Devices and Bandwidth

HideMyAss VPN has nix bandwidth limits and the users can include many devices according to their need, but two of them can not be used at same time.

The above facets are only a few of the numerous excellent benefits provided to the users of the HideMyAss VPN that has rightly happen to established as the leader of the market in this industry. The easiness of application is another benefit, since it is a easy installation process in which the subscribers can select to apply the modified software offered or otherwise. Moreover, this package could be applied on all the devices which acknowledge protocols in location, comprising the Android tablets & phones, iPhones & iPads.

Services and Rates

After knowing about the benefits you must be thinking that the VPN service provided by HideMyAss is expensive, but the truth is different. We are surprised to know that such inclusive and useful package is obtainable for below 80 dollars for one year subscription and only 12 dollars for a month. HideMyAss provides government-level performance, thus, we think that it is surely an incredible deal than the other products which are not offering similar versatility level.

The skill of using the web secretly is possibly the most striking facet for the personal user whereas the extremely secure defense against individuality and also information theft demands to business users. The huge collection of the servers is another major benefit and is extremely helpful for those who are hidden behind ‘iron curtains’ forced by a few less thoughtful regimes of the world. So, you should in no way ignore the danger of the internet security. Take advantages from this application. Thus, HideMyAss VPN is offering complete top-class web security.


Other than online privacy and security, HideMyAss VPN permits users for accessing confidential websites that are based on the country IPs. Numerous websites (usually media and content streaming sites) control entrance to their substance for those people which are not in a specific area. But, HideMyAss VPN allow access to these websites which is possible via an IP address of that region or country. You only have to connect through the VPN server within that specific country or region where this website is found. The process of altering IPs is faultless with HideMyAss VPN interface. The peace and freedom of mind which you get by using HideMyAss VPN connection allows you for becoming more creative with your activities online.



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