Know All About Virtual Private Network

A Guide to VPN Services.
April 3, 2014
VPN – An Advantageous Technology
April 3, 2014

The full form of VPN is Virtual Private Network. It extends the personal network across the public network like the Internet. The VPN makes a computer possible to send and receive the data across public or shared networks, as it is straight away connected to a private network. Although taking advantage from the safety, functionality and also the managing policies of a private network. The Virtual Private Network is created with the establishment of an effective point to point connection via the usage of the committed connections, traffic encryption or else effective tunneling protocols.

The connection of virtual private network across internet is same to a WAN (wide area network) link in between the sites. From any user’s point of view, the access of the extensive network resources is in the similar way as the resources obtainable in the personal network.

VPN permits the employees to safely access the internet connection of their company. In the same way, the VPN strongly connect geographically dissimilar offices of any organization, forming one consistent network. The technology of VPN is also utilized by the internet users, for connecting to the proxy servers, with the purpose to protect private identity and also the location.

VPN can either connect a private computer to any network (remote-access) or it may connect 2 networks together (site to site). The VPN also can be utilized to inter-connect 2 identical networks over any unlike middle network, for instance; 2 networks of IPv6 over IPv4 network.

The systems of VPN can be categorized as:

  • The protocols utilized to tunnel traffic.
  • The execution point location of the tunnel e.g., on client edge or else network-provider edge.
  • Whether they provide remote-access or site-to-site connectivity.
  • The security levels provided.
  • The layer of OSI they provide to a connecting network.

From the above description one can easily know what is VPN.

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