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March 13, 2014
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small-purevpnKnow Everything Related To PureVPN Service

There are more than fifty providers over the Internet, so, it’s very tough to decide the finest VPN service. Every user is having different requirement for using any VPN such as security, unrestricted access, privacy, anonymity and for several users, every aforementioned.

On the start PureVPN looks to be a VPN provider of high quality, with seemingly excellent attention to the detail for the website and a complete set of the user guides, possibly one among the finest you will get from any VPN provider. It tells the complete story regarding the company or else never is the other thing overall. Following review will provide the details about features and services that PureVPN provides and whether this is the appropriate provider to procure.

Rates and Plans

PureVPN provides a simple, utilitarian pricing formation with only 2 plans such as unlimited plan and Standard plan. The previous is available at $18.00 for each month whereas the later is offered at $9.00 for each month. A complete comparison chart is offered in official website, you will be able to compare these two plans there. With standard plan, a monthly limit of the 32 MB bandwidth whereas unlimited plan gives unlimited usage of course.

Since you would be expecting, users who consign to any plan for long term get big discounts. For example, you will have to pay only $74.95 per year for standard plan that works out for a reduction of nearly 37%. If you will subscribe to unlimited plan for 1 year, then you will have to pay $160 only, working out for $13.33 a month in comparison to the $18. That is a huge 26% discount on $18 for a month. There is a non-refundable trial account of $2.5 as well or a meager 3 day guarantee for money back during your purchase of any of these 2 packages.

Users are having a variety of options for choosing for the payment, these are:

  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards
  • PayPal
  • AlertPay
  • Moneybookers
  • WebMoney
  • Western Union

Protocols and Safety Level

PureVPN supports several protocols which include SSL, SSTP, PPTP, SSL, OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec. By these tools, the company utilizes 128 bit encryption for protecting users’ data. Certainly, this isn’t the strongest security you can acquire from any VPN service but it‘s more than sufficient for the mass of the Internet users.


In accordance with the privacy policy of the company, they say that, the company will never provide any details regarding their customers, except the law needs them for doing so. Apparently, it is obvious that the company does maintain the logs about main user details like timings of log on and log off, email addresses, some activities and more.


According to the research, nearly 20% of the people are worried about their online confidentiality, but PureVPN will ensure that all the datas are being encrypted via a SSL encryption of 128 bit. So now everyone can enjoy secured, safe and faultless internet surfing.

PureVPN has 300+ servers in about 22 countries all over the world to provide unbeatable VPN experience, not only in USA but to every corner of internet world.

One among the most hyped services that the PureVPN provides is there immaculate 24/7 customer support of 24*7 and it is satisfying that they surely do what they claim to a huge extent. On official website, an important icon of live chat is displayed at the corner of the right hand side & if you will click that icon, you will get an answer in few seconds.

In addition, company also offers a system for ticketing, a lively forum and reasonably detailed section of FAQ.


They are giving complete protection from the data snoopers and hackers. As a result, everyone can enjoy secured internet surfing, as security which they are providing is a very useful facility of PureVPN.

Advantages and disadvantages

PureVPN sticks out for immaculate customer support, excellent user software and higher performance on different devices.

On the negative aspect, the privacy policy of the company is imperfect as they maintain email addresses and user logs. Also, the structure discount on the 2 packages is baffling as users find a larger discount on Standard plan than unlimited plan.

For make things bad, the servers of PureVPN were compromised early on and the trespasser allegedly found access to the email addresses of the user. Without any doubt, this kind of breach immensely compromises the belief that users are having in company. Whereas the service of the company is unquestionably brilliant, these current events may make you consider twice prior to buy a package.


If you are searching the fastest means to surf the Internet privately and securely, then the PureVPN is VPN service that you need to subscribe. Get a latest IP for server place countries for avoiding being tracked online.


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