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March 13, 2014


Why You Need StrongVPN For Your Privacy?

It is difficult to chatter about the finest VPN service devoid of mentioning the StrongVPN. This company is among the oldest companies in industry, which was established in the year 1995 as the mass provider and later on as the VPN service provider as well. In this procedure, StrongVPN has created a concrete status on which this service provider has managed itself to maintain an extensive list of faithful clients and also attract crowds of fresh ones. Below are given about the details of the offerings of the company.

Rates and Packages

StrongVPN provides quite an assortment of the segmented plans which obviously target definite user groups. The services offered are usually divided into 3 categories:

  • Premium for high ending users
  • OpenVPN
  • PPTP for the daily average users

Users will be able to pay for monthly subscription by 3 months minimum deposit or one year subscription which allures a concession. All the packages are available with 7 days free of charge trial.

Another remarkable facet in the pricing plans of the company is that these are modified to meticulous locations across the world. On the whole, all the services cost similar no matter in which place you live.

There are 3 PPTP packages namely, Deluxe, Lite and Standard. These are restricted to the highest of about twenty-five server switches for every month however devoid of any speed limitations. The encryption level provided to these packages is 128 bit.

The packages in OpenVPN group provide encryption levels which ranges in between 128 bit and 2048 bit, and also in 19 countries with about 395 servers.

Premium package for high ending users is provided in single taste at around 30 dollars for every month together with entrance to the services in PPTP and also OpenVPN groups. Upto thirty server buttons are allowed for every month along with the access to about 402 servers globally. The Supported protocols comprise OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP.


StrongVPN is recognized for its wide-ranging server network which is a total of 440, along with about 140 servers in the base of San Francisco alone whereas the remaining are spread all through the other countries. In addition to the United States, this company is also present in Europe, France, Canada, Norway, Turkey, Russia, Romania, Singapore, Italy, the Czech Republic and Sweden and also in numerous other countries.

StrongVPN excels when it is the matter of customer support service and this matter is marked when you use their ‘Contact Us’ option where they keep a record of the pictures and names of all their support stuff presently on duty for creating a more friendly approach. Every member included in support team could be analyzed by the users which are based on the performance and later on these reviews are included in their profile.

Usually, support staffs are fast in responding to the live chat, however, ticketed system of email and also Skype are there. Furthermore, any support staff if needed, can log in to your computer distantly during the setup and can perform the procedure for you.

Specific Facilities

In so far as security matters, the StrongVPN provides strong encryption standards still with the low end packages of PPTP that has 128 bit that is above essential protection for the average users. The users with greater than before security needs must do better with the encryptions which range in between 256 bit and 2048 bit and these users can get the relieve that this is no less than 256 bit at every given time.

In the matter of privacy, no one matches the way StrongVPN sustains their online activities’ user logs, as well as their private details and the records in spite of their base in the United States, where it is not compulsory to maintain user logs, which means the company very easily can go with the external IP of a user together with their activities online if they desired to.

One important facility which it is offering is the guarantee of 7 days money return.

Advantages and Disadvantages

This service is very easy to establish and provides lithe pricing choices. The connections of this service are reliable and fast and the customer support is top-quality, possibly one among the best amongst the first-class VPN service providers.

Conversely, if you are concerned about anonymity and privacy very seriously, then StrongVPN might not be best for you since they do maintain the logs for the user’s online activities which is the weakest point for them.


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